A vibrant workspace buzzing with
inspiration and collaboration.

We do more than just work. We commit to
hosting events that will build a happy,
sustainable community.

At Tara, your wellness and success are important. We want to help creatives, freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses to reach their full potential. With yoga, mindfulness, workshops, and plenty of socials, The Tara Building is a hive of activity with community at its core.

“You never know who you’re going to meet in the
kitchen and have a discussion over coffee about
something that’s worlds away from your own.”

Jill L’Estrange, L’Estrange Designs

Some highlights

  • YOGA – two free classes every week
  • MINDFULNESS – monthly relaxation sessions with myzenpod
  • SEA SWIMS – members arrange regular outings to the Forty Foot, Seapoint, or Half Moon Bay
  • CREATIVE MORNINGS – we host the Dublin branch of a global lecture series for the creative community
  • AV CLUB – a members film club hosting screenings every week
  • TARA TALKS – weekly discussions and skill-share sessions with fellow members
  • TARA GIVES – we form alliances with charities to give back to local communities
  • RESIDENCY PROGRAMME – we offer residencies to creative arts and social impact projects

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