Coworking at The Tara Building – Hot Desk Memberships + Day Passes

We believe work is better together. Coworking gives freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups a collaborative environment to thrive in.

A hot desk on the coworking floor caters to those who need flexible, 24/7 access workspace. Just take any open seat and start your work.

You never know who you’ll find yourself sitting next to!

Monthly Membership

Become a full-time member for 24/7 access to our unique coworking facilities. We now offer both hot desks and dedicated desks.

Hot desk: €285 + VAT per month.

Dedicated desk with locker: €365 + VAT per month.


Day Passes + Bundles

Day passes allow flexible access to the building, when and how you see fit. Buy a pass to use over the course of the month.

  • 1 day pass: €28 + VAT
  • 4 day bundle: €95 + VAT
  • 7 day bundle: €150 + VAT
  • 12 day bundle: €210 + VAT

You can create an account with us to purchase day passes online. Sign up below to access coworking space on-demand, or simply drop into the building and we can get you set up on arrival.

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Virtual Office

Get a registered office address at The Tara Building, 11–15 Tara Street, Dublin 2. Post will be sorted, scanned, and forwarded to an address of your choosing.

€50 + VAT per month.



Access 24-hour access to your office, 7 days a
Wifi & Cat 5 Enabled High-speed broadband and Ethernet ports
Drop-in Workstations Space for one-to-one meetings or casual
Printing Cloud printing, photocopying and
scanning services
Post We manage your incoming post and
Kitchen Fully fitted with cooking and storage
Storage Individual lockers available to rent
Refreshments Free coffee, tea, fruit, filtered water,
and beer!
Meeting Rooms Equipped with screens, Chromecast,
and HDMI connections
Telephone Booths For private phone or Skype calls
Bike Storage Secure, locked up bike area
Receptionist & Community
Available Monday to Friday 9.00am-
Showers Hot shower facilities
Cleaning Daily cleaning and maintenance

Coworking FAQs

No, all you need to do is purchase a pass and arrive on a day that works for you. You can also simply drop in and we can get you set up in person. 

Yes, all of our day passes expire 30 days after you purchase them.

You will be automatically checked in when you enter the building. If you have purchased a day-pass bundle, you can keep track of your remaining days by scanning the QR code. There's one on every desk!

Each day pass is only valid on one calendar date. The pass is activated when you enter the building and expires at midnight that night. You can't split a day pass across two days.

Yes, we have monitors available to rent for €10 per day. Ask us at reception!

Yes! With our team billing service, your coworkers can each have their own individual memberships under one streamlined team invoice at the end of each month. Full flexibility for your team, without the hassle of individual expensing each month.

Our day passes are fully flexible, with zero commitment. A full-time membership requires 30 days' cancellation notice.

With our full-time membership, there is a one-month deposit when you sign up. This will be refunded at the end of your membership.

Our coworking floors have many sound-proofed phone booths for individual calls and video chats, free of charge. We also have two meeting rooms, which can accommodate 8–10 people. Full-time coworking members can book meeting rooms at a rate of €20 per hour. Day pass users are subject to meeting room fees of €60 per hour.

Our day passes and day pass bundles operate on a per-person basis. Passes and bundles can't be shared among a group. You can, however, join as a group and pay together – just ask us at reception and we'll organize whatever invoices you need for your company.

We have 4 soundproofed phone booths on each coworking floor (8 in total). Please use these to take calls and video conferences, they're free of charge! No need to book, just pop into an available booth whenever that client decides to call.

Here at Tara, we're all about the connections and friends you make here. That's why we put a lot of work into our monthly events calendar, which features networking, wellness, and social events for you and your team. Examples include our monthly Rooftop Sessions, Creative Mornings, Bread41 breakfast mornings, and sustainability workshops.

Take a Tour

Enjoy a virtual tour of the building below, or get in touch to come and see the space in person.

"By far the best co-working space in Dublin. I miss being there and being around the people that make up this space. It was one of the best decisions to base myself there. Practically because you get stuff done in a business environment with all the infrastructure at hand, plus emotionally through the interactions with the people you meet every day. I have made some very special friendships along the way. It's a rare place with some sort of magic that's all about the personalities that make this place what it is. An amazing team behind it all and marvellous members that keep the buzz going."

– Phil Ansell, Chief Solutions Officer at Millstream Recycling

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