Coworking at the Tara Building

We believe work is better together. Coworking gives freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups a collaborative environment to thrive in.

A hot desk on the co-working floor caters to those who need flexible, 24/7 access workspace. Just take any open seat and start your work.

You never know who you’ll find yourself sitting next to!

Monthly Hot Desks

24/7 hotdesking.
€245 + VAT per month.


Part-Time Hot Desks

Hotdesking 1–3 days per week.
€65–€175 + VAT per month.


Private Offices

Top floor, private office suites

24/7 access, fully furnished, lockable space

Newly refurbished



Access 24 hour access to your office, 7 days a
Wifi & Cat 5 Enabled High speed broadband and Ethernet ports
Drop-in Workstations Space for one-to-one meetings or casual
Printing Cloud printing, photocopying and
scanning services
Post We manage your incoming post and
Kitchen Fully fitted with cooking and storage
Storage Individual lockers available to rent
Refreshments Free coffee, tea, fruit, filtered water,
and beer!
Meeting Rooms Equipped with screens, Chromecast,
and HDMI connections
Telephone Booths For private phone or Skype calls
Bike Storage Secure, locked up bike area
Receptionist & Community
Available Monday to Friday 9.00am-
Showers Hot shower facilities
Cleaning Daily cleaning and maintenance

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What is a hot desk?

A hot desk is a shared desk that is not assigned to any one person. 

Our hot desks occupy two large open plan office spaces filled with natural light and plants, and each desk has its own power points for charging portable devices. Each day, our members can choose any available desk to work from.

Who are they for?

Hot desks tend to suit remote workers, digital nomads, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners… but they can be the solution for anyone who wants a space to work without the price tag of a private office.

You could be working for yourself, or remotely for a company abroad. Maybe you are a PHD student who needs a space to focus outside of your college library opening hours. Or you have just moved to the city and you want to meet people while you work on a new business idea. 

Everyone is welcome in our coworking spaces, and the beauty of our community is the diverse individuals that come through our doors each day. 

What are the advantages of hot desks?

We know that no two work days are the same. With that in mind, we have spaces suited to conversations and teamwork, as well as a quieter floor for when you really need to put your head down. With a hot desk membership, you can choose what’s right for you on any given day. 

Hot desks are also social. By moving around each day, you will find yourself sitting to new people, which has endlessly exciting possibilities. New connections are made daily at The Tara Building! 

If a hot desk isn’t right for you…

Maybe you have a larger team to accommodate, or you need something more private. If you still don’t feel like a hot desk is right for you, we also have serviced offices for between 3 and 10 people available.