We believe strongly in being an inclusive space that nurtures creative talent and supports the development of ideas, particularly those focused on driving positive change. The Tara Scholarship Programme is one of the ways we continue to work towards this belief.

This programme awards three-month residencies at The Tara Building and is open to anyone who is working on a creative arts or social impact project.

Our next Scholarship will run from 1st March 2022 until 31st May 2022, and applications are now open. The deadline for applications is February 14th 2022.

Community arts studio space Dublin

What We Offer

We offer scholars 24/7 access to the building over the three-month period but we like to think the benefits go far beyond just desk space.
For starters, we are now proud to offer access to a small artist’s studio located just a few doors down from the building. So if you are applying with a Creative Arts Project in mind, this space will be exclusively available to you over the duration of the scholarship to make as much mess in as you like.
All scholars will also be able to benefit from our culture and events, which focus on wellbeing, socialising and creative development.
But the best thing we think we can offer you is a chance to engage with our beloved community. We’ll make sure our members know who you are and what you are striving to achieve, and we’ll line up a meeting or two with people who can help drive your project forward. Whether that’s a graphic designer, a strategist or an accountant, we’ll do our best to make those connections for you.
We’ll also make our social media platforms as open to you as possible to help spread word and raise awareness of your project, as you see fit.


Ultimately, our expectation is just to see your own commitment to your project.
We know life can have other plans for us at times and that more often than not these are unforeseen. But we want you to achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve with your project. And we’re here to help.
We’d also like to see you present in the building/studio as much as possible over the scholarship (or as much as Covid rules allow). The more you engage with the building and our community, the more we think you’ll get from the experience.
The Tara Building Scholarship Programme

Key Events

We’d like to host a casual lunch time event where you introduce yourself to our members and explain what you plan to do in the building over the three month period. As part of this we’d invite you to tell the community of any key skills or areas of expertise that you might like to lean on them for.
We’ll then set up a monthly catch up just to check in with you, see how your project is going and see if we can offer you any extra help.
And finally, a small celebratory event at the end of your scholarship where you can choose to share an update on your project or simply have a farewell drink with us.

How to Apply

Simply click the link below and complete the survey before 14th February 2022. And that’s it! We’ll respond to you in due course.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions in the meantime though!

All love. Team Tara x