Our commitment to supporting impactful work in Ireland

We believe strongly in the power of community to make meaningful change in the world. Through our workspaces, event spaces, and community, we value and support those who make Ireland a more inclusive, sustainable, and creative place.

We offer residencies in the following areas:

Social Impact

People and organisations that purposefully address social challenges.


People and organisations that are taking urgent and meaningful action on climate change.

Creative Arts

People, projects, events, exhibitions, and communities that contribute to creativity and culture in Dublin city.

Social Impact

Social Impact



The Soar Foundation is a youth-based charity working with over 48,000 young people since its establishment in 2012.

Soar has a new home at The Tara Building for the next six months. We believe in the work that they do, so we’re offering free workspace, meeting space, and community support to their team. We’re so happy to have them in the building!

Learn more about our partnership with The Soar Foundation here.

Soar aims to prepare teenagers for life by running Early Intervention and Character Building workshops in both communities and schools all over Ireland.

Within these unique environments teenagers begin to grow Awareness of self, and the world around them, build Resilience and Coping Strategies, develop their Inner-Confidence and Self-Esteem, and emerge with a sense of Agency as they transition into early adulthood. It is clear to see that teenagers need these environments now more than ever.

By the end of 2025, Soar will be reaching every Transition Year student in Ireland with their World Leading Early Intervention Character Building Program.

Helping Irish Hosts logo

Helping Irish Hosts


Helping Irish Hosts is an organisation empowering and supporting individuals and communities in Ireland to host Ukrainians in their homes, safely and sustainably.

We’ve teamed up with their founder, Annie Gough, to offer free workspace, meeting space, and marketing support to the organisation and its volunteers. We are also offering free workspace to Ukrainians arriving in Ireland.

Helping Irish Hosts have placed over 800 Ukrainians in 260+ homes across Ireland and are advocating for and supporting hundreds more. The team are all volunteers, unfunded and unknown and they are trying to platform the organisation (a now registered charity) as widely as possible so they can attract the funding needed to scale and continue their impactful work. They have met with An Taoiseach, were a strong voice advocating for the €400 host recognition, have wide support within the NGO and civil society sector, and are determined to celebrate the host experience and get more people out of Direct Provision and into Irish homes.

Angie Gough headshot

“We are so grateful to the Tara Building team for bringing us into this ace community.”

– Angie Gough, Founder of Helping Irish Hosts


The Useless Project


We support Taz and Geraldine, co-founders of The Useless Project, with workspace and event space as part of our Sustainability Residency Programme.

The Useless Project helps people take steps toward more sustainable living through tutorials, workshops, and tips on food waste prevention, reuse, secondhand and upcycled fashion for individuals, schools or businesses.

They run events (including a monthly flea market!) and workshops and provide a wide range of education and awareness-raising resources from DIY upcycling videos and sewing tutorials, to batch-cooking recipes, climate justice deep-dives and listicles of their favourite sustainable brands in Ireland and beyond.

They’re not calling for a small number of people to be perfectly zero-waste or “100% sustainable”. What they want is to see a huge amount of people making incremental positive changes in whatever way they can. So if you’re someone who feels useless – just start small. Keep it simple. Just use less.

Useless Project Taz and Geraldine Headshot

Creative Arts


We believe strongly in being an inclusive space that nurtures creative talent and supports the development of ideas, particularly those focused on driving positive change. The Tara Creative Arts Residency is one of the ways we continue to work towards this belief.

This programme awards three-month residencies at The Tara Building and is open to anyone who is working on a creative arts project.

The residency is best suited to creatives who would benefit from a desk in a shared workspace. Digital artists, filmmakers, animators, writers, illustrators, thinkers, designers, theatre-makers, curators etc. are strongly encouraged to apply.


Past Creative Arts Residents

“The support from The Tara Building has been incredible. Alex and Emma made everything easy, excitable and approachable... The quiet space in the office completely contrasted the laughter of the kitchen or buzz of the rooftop. There is a great calmness in Tara that amplifies a creative energy all around.”

– Gemma Kane, Writer & Actress, Creative Arts Resident Spring 2022

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