Our name, Tara, is inherently Irish.

It takes inspiration from the hill of Tara, the place
where kings and queens used to meet.

Today, the Tara Building is a meeting place
for creative royalty (that’s you).


Our coworking floors are bright and spacious, with plenty of natural light. The decor features salvaged timber and an abundance of plants, scientifically proven to increase happiness and productivity.

These are flexible office spaces designed to work for you. Whether you need total privacy or room to chat and collaborate, our breakout areas and phone booths give you space to step away from your desk.


With two boardroom style meeting rooms, you can
host meetings with up to 10 clients. Equipped with
screens and chromecast connections, you’ll have
everything you need to get the job done.

The heart of Tara, our kitchen offers full cooking
facilities, unlimited free tea and coffee, and craft
beer on tap.

Secure bike lock-up, available 24/7. Just what
every cyclist needs in the city centre.
Easily accessible by Tara Street DART station,
Dublin Bus and Luas lines.

Rooftop Terrace

The Tara rooftop terrace is a hidden gem in the heart of Dublin 2. Members can avail of our bamboo garden for a breath of fresh air and spectacular views over the city.

Check out our summer party video below!


At The Tara Building, we value everything creative and colourful. Over the past two years, we have invited a few select Irish artists to make our building stand out.



Check out Maser’s work transforming the exterior of our converted 1960s building, adding some much needed vibrance to Tara Street.

Maser is a prominent Irish artist whose work is rooted in graffiti and street art movements. His signature geometric abstraction and bold colours now adorn our community hub.


Decoy is a Dublin-based, multidisciplinary artist who produces bold, colourful works.

Known for street art, prints, and sculpture, Decoy creates narratives intended as “a form of escapism; a departure from the serious world where everyone wants meaning.” His mural proudly disrupts our ground floor coworking space.


Steve McCarthy

Steve is an illustrator and designer whose work is populated by colour, character and wit.

Over the course of a three month residency at The Tara Building, Steve created this ‘Discovered’ mural, capturing a feeling of curiosity at the heart of working in Tara.

Barry Quinn and Chris Flynn

Barry is an illustrator and Chris is a designer, both are based in Dublin, Ireland.

Together they have created this custom mural for The Tara Building. Its design includes a graphic treatment of the topography of the Hill of Tara, with intertwining hands and foliage suggesting the interconnectedness of life and creativity.

‘One with another together’ refers to an ancient text describing the origins of the Tara place name. In history, this referred to tribal kings living peaceably side by side in Tara. Today, Tara’s residents work side by side to form a creative community.