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Remote working? It’s Your Right.

The Tara Building Dublin coworking spaces with extra hygience measures for COVID-19

Remote working a legal right soon in Ireland

People will have a legal right to seek to work from home in the future under Government plans announced earlier this month.

The Irish Government says it will legislate to provide employees with the right to request that their Employer allow them to work remotely. This means that we are likely to see more hybrid office/working remotely practices. These new measures are part of a new  new strategy on remote working  published earlier this month by the Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise Leo Varadkar

Workspace Transformation

Experts say companies should work now to transform their office spaces away from places where employees come to send emails or make phone calls, which they can do at home, towards more appealing spaces suited for mentoring, camaraderie and fostering creativity. And they need to re-think their mind set.

A recent Pricewaterhouse Cooper survey in APF.com said that some 87 percent of employees said the office was important to them for collaborating with team members and building relationships, aspects of working life they felt was easier and more rewarding in person than over Zoom.

Few workers plan on being in offices Monday to Friday, nine to five, though.

“The vast majority of employees say a hybrid system of two-to-three days working from home and two-to-three days working in the office is their preferred approach,” said Deniz Caglar, co-author of the PwC report.

Joy Of Coworking Spaces

For those contemplating this new opportunity to review their workspace, we at The Tara Building are delighted to offer an introduction to the joy of our supportive coworking community, here in the heart of Dublin city centre.

At The Tara Building, we’ve always been at the forefront of supporting our community of Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs. We offer a decentralised, flexible, inspiring, Dublin centric coworking and private office space to our members 24/7 with enhanced safety and hygiene measures. Our genuine hospitality, attention to detail and care for our community has ensured that we remain top-of-mind choice for those seeking a remote working space.

New future

With the trend towards more remote working becoming more established, The Tara Building is anticipating that the demand for its coworking spaces will increase as many people look for more efficient, flexible spaces that allows them to achieve a productive work life.

David Smith, co-author of a Cushman & Wakefield report about workplaces of the future was interviewed by APF.com and he says that he thinks that employees will schedule use of workspace in their office, which he refers to as ‘hoteling’ as opposed to every employee having their own office desk.

This hybrid model of working featuring a blend of remote and office working is already a feature for some and The Tara Building, as one of Dublin’s original coworking spaces has been at the front of this trend. We will continue to support our growing community as more people discover the safe, remote working benefits here in our inspiring building.

Member Benefits and Flexible Payment Plans

If you are reviewing your workspace as an individual or as a Company, we would be delighted to give you a LIVE Virtual Tour so you can see the different spaces that The Tara Building can offer from Private Office Suites to Individual Desks. Plus check out our fantastic range of generous Member Benefits here

We have introduced a large number of enhanced Wellbeing and Hygiene measures so can be rest assured that we are a safe option. We care about our community and were the first coworking space in Dublin to offer our Members complimentary COVID 19 Antibody Testing. More details available here.

Plus check out our generous member benefits here and our Payment Options here 

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