John Maguire - The Tara Building

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

I’ve worked as a software engineer with OnePageCRM for almost 4 years now helping to build a CRM system for salespeople to actually help them sell. I work on everything from building new features and creating new integrations to creating and maintaining databases and servers to ensure everything is running smoothly. OnePageCRM is based in Galway where I completed my undergrad degree in NUIG, I worked there for 1 year then for a change I moved to Berlin and worked remotely for 2 years, just moved to Dublin for the first time and really enjoying it! When not working I’m an avid GAA player, playing hurling and football for St.Brendans GAA. I’ve recently started to play Aussie Rules as well and love athletics and triathlon competing in everything from 5ks to Ironman.

What is your favourite fail?

Not so much a fail but more of a severe lack of preparation story. When living in Germany I was supposed to return to for a company retreat and team building day in Delphi Adventure centre in Mayo. The retreat was on Saturday morning and I arrived back late on Friday night and got to Galway around 11 pm. Now buses are few and far between in Galway at the best of times but there are no direct buses to Delphi and any that do go hug the coast the whole way round and take over 4 hours! Not to mention that they only go once a day. Things looked grim and it didn’t look like I was going to make it to Delphi, a wasted trip from Germany and some annoyed co-workers! So with a quick check on Google maps, I saw it would take about a 4-hour cycle to get there, far better to spend 4 hours on a bike than a bus. Luckily the friend who’s sofa I was staying on that night had a bike that seemed up to the job, the only problem was that the saddle was as low as it could possibly go and he had no means to adjust it but I figured I might see some petrol station or something along the way that could help me out. With activities kicking off at around 9 am I decided I better hit the road at 4 am to be there on time. The saddle was horrific and meant that I had to stand most of the way, if you know connemara at all, you’ll know that I didn’t have a hope of seeing a petrol station open between 4-8 am but I lived in hope. After many hours darkness seeing the sunrise, feeling the first rain of the day, jumping a farmers gate to fill my water bottle from a tap on the side of his shed and thankfully no punctures I arrived in Delphi at around 8:20 and had a great day with the rest of the team! I guess the point of the story is that no matter how impossible something seems and how unprepared you are determination and naivety can get you a long way! Oh and thankfully I was able to put the bike in the back of a car and catch a lift back to Galway!