Ciaran Hanrahan member of The Tara Building Coworking Space

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

I design, build & help launch digital products. Most of my time is spent working with a client called getting their product and web application off the ground. I work across all aspects of digital product design including a little bit of brand, quite a bit of marketing (web design), lots of app design (user flows, wireframes, prototypes, development (building apps & designs systems), some roadmap planning and defining product strategy. I tend to take on other smaller projects with local and international clients from a range of industries that require expertise in launching products or improving aspects of existing ones!

What is your favourite fail?

When I was 17 I went into a business cert in DIT. After two years I came out with a 49% avg. 1 percent shy of the 50 I needed to progress on to the degree course. As a result I ended up switching to Multimedia. It didn’t put me on the straightest path to where I’ve ended up, but at least it was heading in the right direction.