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Meet The Members Of Our Coworking Space: Olivia Ryan

Introducing Olivia Ryan – Meet Our Members 

Here at The Tara Building, we have such an inspiring community that we wanted to share our ‘Meet The Members’ introduction to our larger network. Discover below more about this week’s member from our coworking community, Liv Ryan, who is collaborating with us and providing a few ‘Moments of Mindfulness’ each week, which is greatly appreciated. Look out for this on our Instagram Stories and Highlights.

We caught up with Liv and had a chat about ‘Returning to the beauty of being human’. Through her writing and work Liv promotes connection and wellbeing of people and planet offering tools to connect to our innate ways of Living with a focus on Earth care, womb care and bodycare.

So Liv, what is it that you offer? 

I offer educational content on my website through the means of blogs and visual art and through YouTube through the means of voice recordings – podcasts, insights and spoken word. One of my main incentives is to support people in feeling Empowered in their bodies and in their Lives as well as cultivating a deeper connection to the world around us i.e. our world community, nature and the ecosystems we are intrinsically a part of. I believe a huge part of our wellbeing comes from being connected and realising we are a part of nature, which most of us feel separate to.

Some of my online courses are launching in the next few weeks – these courses are a weave of healing & connection practices as well as tools for connecting to our body’s, the Earth and uncovering the Self.

I am also writing two books so lots of body’s of work in progress! Which I am so grateful and excited to share soon!

I’m not sure what I might call my USP’s – as I just follow my creative flow and stay true to myself and what I feel is needed.

We understand from your recent email you have stepped back from Instagram/why and what benefits have you found?

 The benefits have been HUGE – it never felt aligned for me, however, I,  like many felt it was the only way I could be ‘successful’ or market my business. When I left Instagram I felt benefit through a deeper connection to myself and my world that is right here around me. Being away from that type of form of social media really is a way of re-claiming parts of yourself and your Life that many of us are giving away without realising. My creativity also spiked as I felt freer and probably as I wasn’t constantly comparing myself to others (which inevitably happens on apps like Instagram)

I started creating more, having way more time to input into the body’s of work I’ve been working on all year and started my podcast!

 Have you found any challenges to the business in the current climate?

For me business is more a creation process than something I do simply for profit (though of course I need this to survive!) I had actually just moved home last February to work on my business in the way I have this year anyway, so I was lucky that it wasn’t a major shock as I had already planned on a year of deep creation and focus. I’m in a very privileged position to be able to have this space.

The way I approach my work is that I choose to go with what I feel is needed rather than from what I may want to put out there. I am constantly asking and meditating on this question and making my decisions from there. For me it is SO important that I feel what I am doing is what is being asked of me and what is needed for the Collective and Earth.

What new trends should we look out for to help improve our Wellbeing?

 I’m all about returning to our roots and so re-aligning with nature as the best way to improve our wellbeing! Wellbeing can be made complicated because often we are trying to live the same lifestyle and then ‘’add’ healthy things like green powders when often we just need to simplify – eat well, eat slow, be grateful for all the food you do have access to, drink water, take rest and prioritise sleep, move your body… Re-connect to nature; this can be through observation, feeling and connecting to the elements, spending time outside and not just being out absent minded-ly but more so taking time to really be with the Earth and realise you are a part of the web of Life.

Ireland has announced new work-from-home coming into effect – how do you think we avoid ‘working-from-home’ burn out?

 Burn out occurs from attempting to live in a linear way – there is a correlation to the burn out we as people are experiencing with the burn out we are now seeing externally in the shape of our climate crisis

We are cyclical beings – whether you look at the seasons and cycles externally or internally. A simple and more perceivable view of this (if this is your first time hearing of this way of being) is to observe the sunrise and sunset, as well as the lunar cycle. Observing these energies supports us in understanding the needs of our bodies (and our emotions!!) and they are such beautiful and anchoring practices to start and release our day with. Starting your day before sunrise is so supportive to your wellbeing (once you’ve managed to get enough sleep of course), when we get up later we can feel groggy and so rising before the sun supports us in seeing the shift from dark to light – the beauty in change and the natural peace and excitement it creates! You can observe the sunrise outside with your barefeet in the ground maybe with a lovely hot water or tonic, take some deep breaths and give thanks for another day ahead. Similarly, the setting of the sun and rising of the moon supports us in getting into a more yin and relaxed state it gives our body the understanding that it is time to let go and release (the body is so wise and aligns with these rhythms the more time we spend outside)

Once again you might like to step outside to observe the setting sun, if you have things you didn’t complete that day write them down and do them first thing tomorrow

Now it is time to let go and rest.

 What is the singular tip you have for improving Wellbeing?

 Wellbeing like any way of Life is definitely a web of things and cannot be confined to one thing. However, if I was to choose one thing it would be to connect. Connect to your body and ask what it needs – place a hand on the heart and on the gut – you’ll know. We get conflicted when we are lead solely by the logical mind: let your body guide.

Who do you turn to for inspiration and why?

The Earth. I know it might sound strange, far flung or even a bit woo woo but the reality is the Earth is literally e v e r y t h i n g. She is our home, our source of nourishment – all of our food, medicines and water come from her as well as the beauty, seasons and elements she provides. I start and end my day with her, I walk out to her and ask questions and listen for responses, I think we all forget that we can do this. It’s a beautiful practice to cultivate with yourself and/or through your meditation practice – in deep listening we can receive.

What is your favourite morning meditation and why?

Ooh, honestly I don’t have a favourite I am so fortunate to be meditating now for over ten years! And so I have a toolkit – this is something I highly recommend. There is no one size fits all:: we need to release this form of thinking, we are allowed to change and grow and ebb and flow!

Sometimes my mornings are more dynamic with a more intense breathwork practice, dancing and movement or shaking it all out to Activate my body! Other mornings, its quiet, peaceful, still.

This makes Life so beautiful – to revel in the different energies we hold – the beauty of cycles, the rhythms of Life/the Earth in you.

For more visit Liv’s website here or email livryanyoga@gmail.com