At The Tara Building we are so proud to host such a wide variety of talented coworkers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners. We believe these people are making huge contributions to the identity of our community and our city, so we caught up with a few of them to hear about their most recent projects.

James Delaney

Hello there, my name is James Delaney and I’m an artist, designer, and developer. Day to day I’m usually working on web projects with graphic design studios, and outside of that I like to do as much fooling around on personal projects as I can. Something I’m working on at the moment is a kinetic light installation for festivals. Nothing gets me more excited than getting my hands dirty trying something new, and with this project I got to deep dive into stuff like electronic engineering, circuit board design, 3D printing, laser cutting and large-scale fabrication to name just a few.
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Alex Foster

Hi, my name is Alex Foster and I’m a stills photographer and videographer. Some of my recent commissions include working with the FIA at a number of their Formula E racing events around the world. Also the Red Bull cliff diving competition that was here in Dublin recently, and some press shots for a local musician called Ultan O’Brien. I’ve also been kept pretty busy on a variety of commissions for The Tara Building itself, creating a mix of visual content for both their social media channels and website.
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Claire Mulry

Hi, my name is Claire Mulry and I work with the School for Social Entrepreneurs. It’s an organisation that helps people to start and grow businesses with a social and environmental purpose. Recently, I’ve been working on a programme that supports around 260 leaders of social change per year with learning, networking, mentoring and funding. I really love working with people who are finding creative solutions to some of society’s biggest problems, like homelessness and poverty.

Eoin Hayes

My name is Eoin Hayes, I’m the founder of Cantillon Labs, which is a management consultancy to startup tech CEOs on how to scale their companies globally. In the last year or so I saved one of my clients about €5 million in a complex series A transaction, I led negotiations on behalf of another client on an eight figure deal in the US, and I helped another client hire an entirely new senior leadership team.
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