At The Tara Building we are so proud to host such a wide variety of talented coworkers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners. We believe these people are making huge contributions to the identity of our community and our city, so we caught up with a few of them to hear about their most recent projects.

Michelle O’Connor

Hey, I’m Michelle O’Connor, and I work under the name Specky Scribbler. I’m a copywriter, editor, and tone of voice creator working with clients around the world. I recently got the chance to research and write six spoken word pieces for a series of videos with Headcase Marketing for Renault Ireland called ‘Driven’. The series was shared on social media in the run up to the GAA All Ireland championship, and each video focused on a day in the life of a senior player.
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Keith Farrell

Hi, my name is Keith Farrell. I’m co-founder of Krayon, which is an online marketplace and booking platform for in-person educational classes and workshops. Recently I was involved in building the Krayon website with fellow Tara member James Delaney. Krayon allows users to browse, book and pay for lifelong learning experiences. So, whether somebody wants to learn for fun and do a baking workshop for example, or improve their professional skillset through say, a motion graphics masterclass, they can find it on Krayon.
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Eoin Dixon Murphy

Hi, my name is Eoin Dixon Murphy, and I’m an entrepreneur with over ten years experience in digital marketing, event management, content creation, and e-commerce. A recent project I was involved in was with international humanitarian relief and development organisation Goal. We ran a number of digital campaigns across social media, encouraging people to take part in Goal’s flagship fundraising events. It was great to work on a worthwhile marketing campaign that had an amazing social and charitable impact.

Michael Bosonnet

Hi, I’m Michael Bosonnet, and I’m a strategic consultant. My company is called Radar Insight and we specialise in market research, data analytics, and data visualisation for clients here in Ireland and internationally. I was recently invited to speak at Hubspot about how I developed the Radar methodology. Radar combines human insight with data analytics resulting in focused business decision making, better market intelligence, and ultimately, improved financial results for our clients.

Phil Ansell

Hi, my name is Phil Ansell, I’m a sales and business development professional and I currently work in a new Irish SaaS business called Eighty6 software. We’ve got a flagship product that analyses sales data for our clients, and they use this to help identify key opportunities. This reduces churn rates, and also maximises profitability. We have recently supplied a national health foods wholesaler, and we’ve helped them increase their average sales by 6%, and this has also reduced their phone calls back to head office by 40%.
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