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Meet The Members Of Our Coworking Space: Gillian De Lacy

Introducing Gill de Lacy – Meet Our Members

Here at The Tara Building, we have one of the most inspiring communities and love to share details of our members’ work with the larger network. This week, meet Gill de Lacy who has recently joined The Tara Building, further to starting up her business during the pandemic……

Q: Please can you give us a little background on your company and what led you to start your own business….

My background is primarily in Public Relations and Marketing and my experience is across a wide range of sectors as I worked for many years as a PR Director for Agencies in Ireland and the UK. From cosmetic surgery clients such as Venus Medical to Disney Store Ireland….and latterly in Hospitality, I’ve really enjoyed the challenges of each of these sectors. My recent position as in-house Director of Marketing at the 5 star Powerscourt Hotel in Wicklow was very exciting. However, I decided I really wanted to use all of my past 20 years experience to provide sound digital Marketing Consultancy for brands big or small with my technical skills and professional guidance. And I love working for myself – from The Tara Building.

Q: Please can you give us a little overview on your business and what you offer and what sets you apart? Key USPs?

I launched a Digital Marketing Consultancy in May 2020 and was lucky to secure a couple of lovely clients including an Irish Hotel Group and Restaurant Group and an Irish online gifting website. I’m probably a little different to most Marketers in that I’m commercial but with ‘spicy creativity’ and always looking for new trends which is something I put down to my PR agency days…

Q: How have you used Social Media to promote your business and which channels and why?

 Yes I have used Social Media ….but I feel like most tiny companies, its been neglected as I’ve gained clients…but I do like Instagram for sharing new business updates and for connecting. I probably use LinkedIn the most as it’s so immediate and great for networking.

Q: Have you found any challenges to the business in the current climate? And how have you pivoted? Any advice?

The challenges for starting up a business in the current climate are daunting as everything keeps changing….but I enjoy the dynamism and optimism of the clients I’m working with. I find that I’m constantly working on strategy and tweaking it to make it more effective, given the changing market environment. The best recommendation I can make is to flex and keep looking over the horizon and sense checking your decision making.

Q: Ireland has announced new work-from-home coming into effect – how do you think we avoid ‘working-from-home’ burn out?

I need regular breaks as I work intensely and write quickly. But I need to regularly break for a cup of coffee or to stretch my legs. I think taking these little moments has really helped me stay focused and calm. I also have allocated time with my new rescue puppy from DogsTrust.ie, Poe and my sausage dog Krumm. I just need to step outside with them and take a stroll for a bit to re-balance my busy brain.

Q: Who do you turn to for inspiration and why?

My children. They are so creative and digitally minded. My sons are 13 years and 16 years and their expertise and digital fluency is so natural. I constantly ask them about current trends/interests/what they think of my proposals and they never hold back on their opinions.

Q: What is your favourite Instagram page and why?

I love the heart-warming posts by Steve Greig who is behind @wolfgang2242. The Page features ‘Life with Senior Dog Rescues, Bikini the pig, Betty the chicken and Tofu the turkey’ and is gloriously funny and sad and beautifully photographed. The Page inspired me to adopt my own senior dog from DogsTrust who died sadly in March 2020. Our new rescue from DogsTrust is a Pointer puppy and is completely loved by all of us.


Gillian de Lacy, Founder of Chatswell.ie

Visit: www.Chatswell.ie / Email: gillian@chatswell.ie