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Insight Into The Coworking Spaces at The Tara Building

Ahead of joining us you may have lots of questions about the Memberships available, the amenities, the benefits and the opportunities coworking offers. We have reviewed the most commonly asked questions that we get asked to give you more insight into what it’s really like to cowork at The Tara Building.

What are the different coworking options available?

We typically get asked what the different Membership options available for those looking to join our Community.

There are three Memberships on offer;

  1. Part Time Hot Desks – 3 days a week
  2. Monthly Hot Desks – 5 days a week
  3. Juniper Private Office Suite – lockable space, size: 20mx20m

So, what do you get with a Hot Desk membership? In short, you’ll get a business address in Tara Street, Dublin city centre with our Reception team accepting mail on your behalf. You’ll also be able to avail of any of our Hot Desks, 24/7 across a choice of two floors and access to our private roof.

Our Part Time Hot Desk Membership is brilliantly geared towards people who may not need to work a traditional 9-5 day every day and only want or need to be at a desk infrequently, during the week. So while they don’t need a full Membership it’s still beneficial to have a place they can call their workspace, which is why Hot Desking is the perfect solution. Our Part-Time Hot Desking members can avail of our premium facilities from high speed wi-fi connections to centrally located office, complimentary refreshment stations with quality coffee and tea, choice of fresh fruit as well as our fully furnished Kitchen. They also have access to booking our Meeting Rooms, secure bike storage facilities, shower and changing rooms and The Tara Building Community members and its associated perks including invites to our Virtual Events.

If you are someone who wants or needs to work more regularly and from a remote location with excellent facilities, our Hot Desk Monthly Membership is the perfect choice. It offers you the freedom from the expense of leasing your own office space and the extra costs associated with this and the headaches of trying to find suitable centrally located space.

Instead, the Hot Desk Monthly Membership means that you can scale your business accordingly. We also have Lockers for rent so you can store your belongings on-site. Should you look to grow further and want your own lockable space with dedicated desks for your team, we have the Juniper Private Office Suite, located on our top floor. This premium private office suite can accommodate up to six desks, is fully furnished and has outstanding views across Dublin city. Again, you enjoy all the benefits of our Community along with the privacy this space offers. Currently undergoing a sensitive refurbishment by Irish interior designer, L’Estrange Designs.

What other benefits can you avail of?

Our on-site management team including Receptionist ensure that the day to day running of the coworking space is taken care of and that the building is comfortable and cleaned to the highest hygiene standards. We are renowned for having worked with Irish artists and interior designers to create a coworking space with a building that sparks the imagination and creativity to enhance the productivity of your working day. And we regularly request feedback from our members on how to keep improving and working on making The Tara Building a space that evolves with time.

We know that not everybody likes to work in an open plan space so we’ve also created areas for people who like a quieter environment, from cosy nooks to soundproof phonebooths.

As one of Dublin’s most original buildings and designed from the inside out to inspire and nurture our Community, we would be delighted to welcome you to take a tour of our building and to discuss your requirements. As we all evaluate the possibilities ahead of a return to the ‘new normal’, we would love to show you what’s achievable for you here at The Tara Building.

To book one of our LIVE Virtual Tours or to find out more about how we at The Tara Building can help you discover a new work space for the ‘new normal’ where you can achieve more, simply email us hello@thetarabuilding.com or complete our Enquiry Form and one of our team will be in touch.