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Coworking Spaces Make Us Thrive

When we talk about ‘living our best lives..’ we think about what makes us truly fulfilled and happy. And something we are delighted to have heard over the years is that those who work remotely in The Tara Building find that they THRIVE.

So, we were pleased to read that there has been an academic study, reported in the Harvard Business Review, which confirms that employees who work in a coworking space are more likely to thrive in their job than those in a regular office.

This is of no surprise to us given that The Tara Building, in the heart of Dublin city centre, was conceived to ensure that productivity is enhanced with comfortable and well-appointed amenities including; a range of different work space options tastefully furnished, hi-tech meeting and event spaces, numerous coffee and tea refreshment stations, a fully serviced kitchen, shower rooms, bike racks, sound proofed phone booths and more. The design, layout and artwork has been carefully considered so that members feel relaxed and ready to achieve their best work.

What makes these coworking spaces so special?

A coworking space, such as The Tara Building, is a membership based community which includes a mix of remote workers, entrepreneurs, consultants and freelancers who work under the same roof. The study interviewed many coworking spaces and found three key indicators of why thriving in their job was possible at a coworking space:

Firstly; People who use coworking spaces view their work as meaningful

Unlike a regular office, there is little internal office politics or competition. Working in a coworking space means that there is more opportunity to create a definition around self and work role.

Secondly; Feeling part of a community culture

With such a cross section of skillsets and range of diverse roles The Tara Building  community offers a wide range of networking and support opportunities. Each member feels connected to the group by co-existing in the same space and attending online events and sharing the community newsletters. At The Tara Building, we offer warm hospitality, friendly and kind service so that every member feels welcomed.

Thirdly: Members experience more control on where and how they work

The Tara Building, like many coworking spaces offers its members access 24//7 and has a wide range of membership and space options from private office suites to hot desks in a variety of different locations across its floors. There are collaborative spaces or private desks so members can choose where they want to work. There is even a roof garden for those who need to take a coffee upstairs and have a breather.

What does this mean for Companies?

We know that coworking spaces were popularised by entrepreneurs in the tech industry but there has been a shift and the Report indicates that ‘coworking is increasingly relevant for a broader range of people and organizations.’

From being seen originally as an alternative place to work, outside the official company Head Quarters, The Tara Building has increasingly seen that coworking spaces are being evaluated as relevant, hybrid workplace solutions for Companies looking to de-centralise, due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic.

We feel confident that coworking spaces such as The Tara Building will lead the return to the new ‘normal’ as we continue to navigate our return to collaborative working post pandemic.

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