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Busting The Myths About Coworking

The rise and rise in popularity of coworking spaces to cater for the requirements of the wide range of professionals that use their services is a tribute to their flexibility and inspiring workspace solutions. The Tara Building located in Dublin city centre is one of the most established coworking spaces in Ireland with its architecturally arresting building, opposite the Irish Times, and its hand-crafted interior a mix of glass, wood and art specially designed to nurture and spark the imagination. This combined with its range of carefully chosen amenities, rooftop terrace, delicious refreshments, access 24/7, warm and friendly community and welcoming team, has long served Dublin’s start-up hackathon tech community. And now increasingly, its appeal has grown to include everyone, from every industry, offering the perfect coworking place solution in Dublin city centre.

Still unsure that a coworking is right for your business? Here’s how The Tara Building busts those myths that might be stopping you from considering coworking spaces as the game-changer for your Business;


Myth-buster 1: Coworking is for tech start-ups

The Tara Building was originally founded in 2017 to accommodate Dublin’s displaced creatives that needed space to explore ideas, share experiences, and feed their passions. Our first members were a mix of artists, illustrators, designers, architects, and filmmakers, and this creative passion still runs through our coworking space today. More recently, the reputation of The Tara Building Community along with our facilities, the location and the inspirationally designed building has attracted interest from a wide range of industries.

Mythbuster 2: Coworking will make it hard for me to concentrate

The Tara Building offers a number of coworking spaces to choose from to assist in improving your concentration including; hot desks with plexi-pod glass, shared but socially distanced workbenches, meeting rooms, phone booths, private offices, (and of course our roof garden). It has also been revealed in a study reported in the Harvard Business Review that coworking facilities will combat professional loneliness which has been long cited as an issue by Human Resources as destructive to productivity as well as well-being and mental health.

Mythbuster 3: There’s no difference to working from home

The Tara Building has been specially designed to provide a calming, professional retreat to encourage productivity and growth. With its hi-speed Wi-Fi, phone booths for making private calls, refreshments on tap, carefully arranged services including shower and changing rooms and a choice of workspaces, it offers fewer distractions and encourages productivity. Our Members network via their private Community Facebook Events Group and our weekly Newsletter. We look forward to a return of our busy Events Calendar in the Building post-pandemic.

Mythbuster 4: Coworking is only for people who are sole traders…not for Business

The Tara Building has been designed to offer flexibility for every type of organisation. We have beautifully designed Private Office Spaces for those looking for enclosed lockable workspaces for their teams, and coworking Hot Desks and Dedicated Desks on a Monthly and Part-Time membership plan.


As we continue to revaluate our workspaces, with many businesses looking to de-centralise their head-quarters and operate via Dublin city centre hubs, The Tara Building invites you to take a 3D Virtual Tour and reflect on making this first step to transforming your Business workplace or we also offer a LIVE Virtual Tour straight to your mobile phone.


To find out more about The Tara Building, simply complete our Enquiry Form or email hello@thetarabuilding.com / or call +353 1 567 6699 to arrange a private consultation.