Our Story

In 2017, The Tara Building opened as a hub for Dublin’s creative community.

Born from a group of friends looking for new ways to create and work, a vacant site on Tara Street quickly became home to its first 30 members. A previously disused building was transformed into a hub with a co-working floor, office-studio spaces, a print studio, and a gallery/event space.

The idea was to develop a collaborative, community-based approach, and accommodate people with exciting, impactful work.

The early months were full of excitement and collaboration. From skill-sharing sessions and workshops to meditation and sea swims and beers on the roof, members came together to create something much more special than just an office space.

How it started...

How it's going.

Since opening, our community has grown to include hundreds of co-workers, and the building has become a place of inspiration and connection for thousands of others.

We’ve hosted gigs, exhibitions, workshops, networking events, flea markets, hackathons, live podcast shows, club nights, weddings, and much much more. Our members continue to evolve and grow – some stay while others move on to new things – but the community remains the heart of Tara. Lifelong friendships have been made here, and we’ve even had a few Tara love stories along the way.

Today, as ever, our mission is rooted in creativity, community, and social impact. With plans to expand our vision and values into other sites, we’re working behind the scenes on some exciting projects that will continue our eclectic fusion of community, creativity, and collaboration.

The Building

The Tara Building started as a dusty vacant site on Tara Street. Over the years, we’ve invited artists and designers to come and transform the building into something special. From our iconic paintwork to interior murals and beautiful, bright spaces, we’re lucky to have had so much creative talent contribute to our building.

Our Values


Supporting creativity and culture in a city under threat.


The creation of community in isolated times.


Meaningfully acting on climate change.


Generating opportunities for people and businesses.


Actively welcoming and supporting minority groups.

Team Tara

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