At The Tara Building we are so proud to host such a wide variety of talented coworkers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners. We believe these people are making huge contributions to the identity of our community and our city, so we caught up with a few of them to hear about their most recent projects.

Jill L’Estrange

Hi, I’m Jill L’Estrange, the founder of L’Estrange Designs. We are a commercial interior design firm with a focus on improving businesses through bespoke creative intervention. We recently completed the fitout of Cava, the new Port House branch located on Camden Street. We wanted to create a transition for the brand, balancing their rustic identity with a new eye catching vibrancy, reflective of the tapas culture.
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Bill Hollingsworth

Hi, my name is Bill Hollingsworth. I work as OystercatcherTF, and I’m a graphic designer. I have a background in advertising but these days I do a lot more ‘slow design’, like these books. Advertising is gone in the morning sun like the circus but books are for holding, and loving, and keeping.
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Daire O’Suilleabhain

Hey, I’m Daire. I’m a motion designer and I have been creating work for about 4 years now. I’m also known as Guy With Red Beard, because my name is too hard to spell. A piece of work I’m very proud to have created is an animation for Anew. It is easily one of my favourite recent projects; the work on a cause, the creative freedom it allowed, and a great Tara team to put it all together.

Sam Lyons

Hi, my name is Sam Lyons, and I specialise in facilitation and business consultancy for organisations, projects, and people looking to make a positive difference. I recently launched a new training course called “Design Your Workplace Wellbeing”. The course uses the principles of design thinking and emotional intelligence to help employees gain insight about themselves. This allows them to codesign and shape the structure of their own programme to suit their individual organisation’s needs.

Paul Courtney

Hi, I’m Paul Courtney and I’m the CEO of Symmetry Group. We provide consultancy and software solutions in the areas of data protection, compliance, and e-learning. On the consultancy side, we’ve recently been contracted as the European head of data protection for the Paddy Power betfair group. On the software side, we’ve started to rollout our products to clients, with the likes of Engineers Ireland, and Captialflow using our e-learning software for their training needs, and also using our compliance software for their GDPR needs.

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